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The Power of Imagery

When we embarked on brainstorming the B&D 2023 ad concepts, our primary objective was to position the brand as a symbol of luxury, drawing inspiration from esteemed brands such as Burberry or Bentley. As the team engaged in lively discussions and ideation, a particular visual was coming to mind—an outline of a house sketched at the bottom of a page, surrounded by vast expanses of sky. This initial spark led to the development of a captivating ad campaign centered around the theme “The Sky is the Limit.”

Through careful refinement, our concept evolved into a series of advertisements that beautifully captured the essence of the brand’s aspirations. The headline itself, “The Sky is the Limit,” encapsulated the idea of unlimited possibilities and exemplified the brand’s commitment to providing an elevated experience.

By leveraging the power of imagery and a succinct yet impactful headline, our campaign conveyed B&D’s luxurious appeal while inviting customers to dream big and explore the heights of their desires.

Below are some of the ad concepts as presented for B&D’s different market segments; architects, equestrian and custom homes.

Team: Shannon Depaul brand management, Erin Cramer content, Abby Harris production

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