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Matt is an excellent ‘group think’ facilitator and was a huge asset in the development of our re-brand. He is a strategic problem solver that turned the variety of ideas from our team into a clear and focused representation of our company.

– Scott Garber, Director of Operations, Cassel

Drive Your Brand

Hired by Gary Nolt, the owner of Cassel, to rectify what had become a murky brand positioning, I took charge by assembling the key employees and conducting a comprehensive SWOT analysis. Through this exercise, we successfully identified Cassel’s unique strategic differentiator, which served as the foundation for the revitalization of their brand. With the tagline “Drive Your Brand” as our guiding principle, we seamlessly aligned the messaging and visual branding elements. As a result, we successfully crafted a brand that continues to thrive and contribute significantly to the company’s ongoing success.

Team: Gary Nolt, Scott Garber, Julianna Fegely

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