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When MANTEC started our website redesign process in 2020, a UX approach became more important in the development than I had ever imagined. Matt walked us through the steps and was integral in the implementation to give our new website a great user experience.

– Leigh Ann Wilson, Chief Operating Officer, MANTEC

UX Focus Provides Better Leads

MANTEC enlisted the expertise of the Wavelength team to enhance customer understanding of their services and ensure effective lead generation strategies. Collaborating closely with key stakeholders, we devised a comprehensive plan to tackle both objectives. One crucial aspect was revamping the website with a strong emphasis on user experience (UX). By prioritizing UX, we aimed to deliver a seamless browsing experience that facilitated clear comprehension of MANTEC’s offerings.

In order to address the lead generation requirements, we implemented a streamlined process that allowed customers to assess their business needs in relation to MANTEC’s key services. These assessments were tailored to each service, enabling a customized approach. We then integrated a submission system that automatically directed the assessments to the appropriate sales personnel. The impact of these efforts became evident as not only did the number of leads increase, but the quality of leads improved as well. By the time the sales team reached out to the leads, they were already well-informed and motivated to engage further.

Overall, our collaboration with MANTEC and the implementation of these strategies resulted in enhanced customer understanding, increased lead generation, and improved motivation among potential clients.

Team: Gary Peterson creative direction, Jennifer Schramm brand management, Ron Flory development, Yahna McFalls content development

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