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Revitalization of a Municipal Brand

Our team was commissioned by YCSWA to revamp their website, aiming to create an enhanced user experience. The existing site contained an extensive amount of information that required effective organization and presentation, ensuring users could readily access the necessary details about waste disposal and recycling. Our dedicated team embarked on the task of streamlining the content and crafting an aesthetically pleasing website with intuitive navigation.

As the project progressed, our client expressed immense satisfaction with the collaborative process, prompting them to request additional services. They entrusted us with the redesign of their logo and tagline, recognizing our ability to deliver creative solutions. Additionally, they sought a comprehensive branding guide for internal use, which allowed us to establish a unified framework for the organization’s external materials and messaging.

By the conclusion of our engagement, we had not only provided an updated website but also facilitated a complete revitalization of YCSWA’s public-facing materials. Our contributions extended beyond a simple website refresh, encompassing a cohesive visual identity and strategic messaging guidelines.

Team: Kate Cox design/development, Shannon Depaul brand management, Erin Cramer content direction

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